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Yahoo Hit With $35 Million USD Fine Over 2014 Data Breach

Yahoo Hit With $35 Million USD Fine Over 2014 Data Breach

— The company hides the breach from the investors and customers.-

Yahoo Hit With $35 Million Fine: Yahoo which is now called Altaba, has been given a huge fine due to the 2014 data breach issues, which affected around 500 Million users, which was actually hidden by the company until which was uncovered in the late 2016.

The company has faced a huge fine due to failing to inform anyone that of data breached and to agree to pay the SEC $35 Million Dollars.

Altaba itself consists of the parts of Yahoo which did not merge with the Verizon to become Oath.

Yahoo originally found out about the Russian hacker who holds the personal data in December 2014, this information includes: Username, Email Addresses, Phone Numbers, Birth Dates, Encrypted Passwords and security Question about the public accounts.

However, the senior management officers did not investigate the incident and to inform the investors or the affected users, with the breach only becoming known during an acquisition deal.

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