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Suneel Sarfaraz munj

Biography and success story of Suneel Sarfaraz Munj

Suneel Sarfaraz munj is basically from Lahore Pakistan. Talking about the educational background so he did Fsc in engineering from GC University Lahore. Completed his bachelor of science in economics from LUMS and MBA for LUMS. The main skills and endorsement of him is Team management, Business strategy, and management.

Success Story

If talking about the success story so Suneel Sarfaraz Munj started his career as a managing director in “18” which was a gift boutique and his first venture in the retail market.

Managing partner in Illusion-Gift Store.

He also served as a director in Pakistan

General Merchandising Company (PKGMC). PKGMC is an import house where they deal in import, clearing and forwarding services of consumer goods including electronics, garments, gift items, and other retail products.

He is now a co-founder in It is Pakistan’s #1 automobile website. As a co-founder, he is involved with multiple areas of the organization primarily in business development, sales, event management etc.

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