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Shafaat Ali – Rescued a Person Through his Voice

Shafaat Ali a bigger name in Pakistan history due to his voice. He has copied the voice of tons of popular personality through which he made fame and place in people hearts.

Shafaat Ali a graduate of Engineering studies and a person belongs to Peshawar, Pakistan.

Yesterday, news surrounded in media channels about a person who climbed to a cell phone tower in Islamabad and threated to do suicide if they won’t make him Prime minister.

He furthered mentioned that all this he is doing is just because of the situation of Pakistan and if he can get the chance of Prime minister then he will change the situation of Pakistan.

A police officer had come up with an idea to call Shafaat Ali and asked him to mimic the voice of Prime minister Imran Khan in order to save the life of the person.

Shafaat talked with the person for 5 mins and manages to save his life.

Talent is something that really enjoys you but sometime it will save your life it does not expect by someone in their life.

Shafaat gets a lot of appreciation and he deserves it too.

A full description of the story provided by Shafaat on his Facebook Page.


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