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Pakistan Offline and Online Fresh Database of Mobile Network
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Pakistan Offline and Online Fresh Database of Mobile Network

  • Is it another huge data breach for Pakistan?
  • DBCENTER claims to provide fresh details of Pakistani citizens mobile phone number?
  • What action do Government needs to take against these malicious guys?

DBCENTER is another malicious site that provides unauthorized access to Pakistani citizens telecom details.

DBCENTER claims in their website that they provide the very latest mobile details of 2021, While it is not confirmed that they really provide or they just fool the innocent people of Pakistan.

How Do I Know About Them?

Today, 1/6/2018. I got an email from which says,

We are imhook person. we launched 2019, new service about mobile company
database of pakistan mobile network, we are providing live data of any network
with coin, visit , isme apko har network ka fresh data milega
Contact email id :

ScreenShot of the Email As a Proof:

ScreenShot of the Email As a Proof:

This email is sent to 500+ people, and I was also listed in their email, I don’t know, How did they find my mail, but it’s online world, Everything is easy to find.

Now, this email which is sent to around 500+ people, includes bloggers, YouTubers, Social Media Experts and other people. Who will probably make a video on YouTube to more boost their rankings and slaughter more innocent people of Pakistan.


This article is probably the 12 or 15 that I am writing on such a topics, it’s because these sites are launching like an e-commerce industry.

Every kid is stepping in this field to get fame and sell the confidential data of pakistani citizens.
Recently, I have written an article on Pakistani Citizens Data is No More Secured. I have mentioned a lot of details in that piece of post. A lot of people didn’t like the post, because its direct truth that I Stated.

Current LiveTracker is working hard for 3 major countries phone number details:
  1. Pakistan Mobile Number Details
  2. Indian Phone Mobile Number Details
  3. Afghanistan Phone Mobile Number Details

Some of Packages These Malicious Site Provides:

1 Month 3 Months 6 Months
500 PKR
1000 PKR 2000 PKR
JazzCash / EasyPaisa JazzCash / EasyPaisa JazzCash / EasyPaisa


Recharge Details As Mentioned in Site:

Recharge Details As Mentioned in Site:


DISCLAIMER: I do not recommend or suggestion anyone, to use or buy their services. its a fake and unauthorized website. Please do share the article. So, the government take the site down ASAP. THANKS


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