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Most Sold and Weird Items of 2019

It might get very hard and tough for females if they are having a urine problem.

And on some occasions, like weddings, it becomes more tough for them during the ceremony time to use the bathroom.

The problem is also common in the old age women who don’t sit properly on the potty chair or anything else.

But, there is a beneficial product introduced in the market for the females that can help them in most of the tough conditions.

The product is completely hygienic, and the females can use it anywhere.

The main purpose of creating this product is at different locations you want to go to the bathroom, but the condition of the bathroom is not good for you to sit on it. 

It is also good for you while you are going on holiday camping, and you can carry the product with yourself.

There are no issues of hygiene, and It is made up of plastic.

Video of the item

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