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best life insurance policy in pakistan

Best Life Insurance Policy in Pakistan

There are different self-employed, employed, and businessman avail the services of insurance for their cars, shop, and other necessary things. But when it comes to life insurance, most of the time people keep themselves away from life insurance. The main reason is that they all are scared of the rules …

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reality of valentine day in islam

Reality of Valentine Day in Islam

History of Valentine Day Valentine’s day is celebrated annually on February 14th, on this day people exchange greeting cards and presents in the name of love and st.valentine, which is why it is also known as St.valentine’s day or the feast of st.valentine’s. In the Christian tradition, there were several …

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10 motivational speaker in pakistan

Top 10 motivational speakers in Pakistan 2019

Qasim Ali Shah Qasim Ali Shah is a motivational speaker and an intelligent educator in Pakistan. He is best known for his remarkable debating skills. He has presented tons of successful motivational lectures all around Pakistan. Qasim Ali Shah is also well known in other parts of Quetta. Qasim Ali …

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how to get into copywriting

How to Get into Copywriting?

Whether it’s writing and editing content for ads, marketing campaigns, websites, and another thing copywriting is what makes all this possible. It is a diverse field in which there is no specific educational background is required to become a highly professional copywriter. There are many people get into this field …

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