Saturday , February 23 2019
Hackers Attacked Karachi Education Website
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Smog – The Hackers Attacked on Karachi Education Board Website

The hackers are again becoming diligent, and harmful for the education websites of Pakistan. Following is the news of hacking heard by the citizens of Pakistan about the Karachi education board website.

The website is informative, and so important for the people of Karachi as it uploads different examination results, and all other necessary updates for the students.

There is a name showing upon the website with SMOG, which is tracked as the group of Indian hackers. This was not the first case of hacking happens in Pakistan. In the past, the Sindh education board website was also hacked by some hackers group from india.

The government needs to plan a competitive strategy for the digital security of Pakistan. As these attacks might get worse for them in the future.

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