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Essay on Pakistan Day Celebration 23rd March [.pdf]

Essay on Pakistan Day Celebration 23rd March

Subcontinent, which in the early 90s were included with both Hindus and Muslims. In general, both of the religious communities lived together but due to the cultural, religious perspective, they both differ. Britain along with Hindus put the Muslims so behind in any aspect of life. There was a time when Muslims …

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History of April Fools in Islam [2019 – 2020]

april fools in islam

Origin of April fool This day is celebrated by people across the world on 1st April, every year. It is the day when you are allowed to mercilessly prank your friends, family members, and co-workers. Most of the people celebrate this day but they don’t even sure what started the …

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The Complete Guide To Machine Learning [2019 – 2020]

Complete Guide To Machine Learning

What is Machine Learning? Human learns different things through past experiences, and the machine follows all those instructions provided by a human. But, what if a human can train the machines to learn from their past data’s. The timing and the capability of learning that thing are more efficient and …

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Best Life Insurance Policy in Pakistan

best life insurance policy in pakistan

There are different self-employed, employed, and businessman avail the services of insurance for their cars, shop, and other necessary things. But when it comes to life insurance, most of the time people keep themselves away from life insurance. The main reason is that they all are scared of the rules …

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