Monday , 20 September 2021
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The Art of the Ethical Hack: A Q&A with Muhammad Taha Researcher at Riphah International University

1: How to start a career as an Ethical Hacker? To start a career as CEH, learn the fundamentals of Networking and Operating Systems. Learn how Networks are designed, protocols and then the misconfigurations in network designs. Most of the hackers exploit the flaws left by software developers. Learn how to developed secure code and then the flaws in the …

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LINUX PASSWORD CRACKING AND A QUICK EXAMPLE OF PRIVALEGE ESCALATION: The process of cracking Linux and OS X passwords is much the same as the method described above with a few slight modifications. Linux systems do not use an SAM file to store the password hashes. Rather the encrypted Linux password hashes are contained in a file called the “shadow” …

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Linux Operating System

Linux Operating System: Enter our open source favorite, Linux, which is not a completely foolproof operating system but one with a reputation for being a much more secure player in the OS category than Windows or Apple. As we saw with firewalls, the equipment—or in this case the operating system—is only a secure as the administrator configuration it. With Linux, …

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Android Mobile

New Android Phones Android Mobile: First released in November of 2017, the Android OS has quickly gown up and expanded its install base to over a billion devices worldwide. With such a widely installed and encountered operating system, the reality is that you will encounter the platform at some point if you don’t already own it or have encountered it …

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